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Seeing the ElephantHigher Education in the Global Age
Policy, Practice and Promise in Emerging Societies
by Daniel Araya and Peter Marber
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Discussions on globalization now routinely focus on the economic impact of developing economies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union and Latin America. Only twenty-five years ago many developing countries were largely closed societies. Today the growing power of "emerging markets" is reordering the geopolitical landscape. On a purchase-power–parity basis, these countries now constitute roughly one half of the world's economic activity; they live on 3/4 of the world's landmass, and control 2/3 of all commodities. Financial markets, too, see growing integration: Asia now accounts for 1/3 of world stock market capitalization, more than double from just 15 years ago. Given their current trajectories, most economists predict that China and India alone will account for half of global output by the middle of this century, almost a complete return to their leading positions prior to the Industrial Revolution. How is higher education shaping and being shaped by these massive civilizational shifts? As part of the Routledge Studies in Emerging Societies book series, Daniel Araya and Peter Marber have edited a fifteen chapters on higher education's interconnections to the rapid social and economic growth of developing countries. Bringing together senior scholars, journalists, and practitioners from around the world, this collection explores the relatively new and everchanging higher education landscape, particularly the increased symbiosis between advanced and developing countries. With a foreword by Parag Khanna, noted author of How to Run the World.

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